Our Mission

The responsibility given by Şahin Yem brand is to be able to contribute to both national economy and world economy by organizing activities that can be effective in the development process of animal husbandry in the light of technological advancements

Our Vision

The quality of Şahin Yem is approvedin terms of production and technical support in both national and international animal husbandry sector, and it has a very importantinfrastructure which can make it a world brand. High quality raw materials used in its production, superior technical field servicesand widespread distributors and marketing network add a different value to the production of our customers when compared with the market conditions. Our difference is based on the ground of increasing our reputation with our devoted works and our respect for our producers.

Our Quality Policy

In order to offer our chickens to our customersby taking hygiene as a basis in the slaughtering process of poultry and without breaking the cold chain ring, the quality policy of our company includes;

Implementing and improving our quality managements system continuously and without compromising in any way,

Receiving the necessary trainingsfor adopting our quality approach, which aims at customer satisfaction, at every stage of our organization,

Ensuring the satisfaction of both sides by establishing an environment of mutual trust with our suppliers


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